Bath Ear Care, 4 months of ear wax removal

It’s been quite a year for Bath Ear Care so far, we’ve removed ear wax from hundreds of happy clients, with clinics full each week. Microsuction really is the way forward for ear wax removal, lots of our clients are in desperate need and leave our clinic at Fairfield Park Health Centre being able to hear again. This is lovely to see. I found this article recently it’s from the Telegraph online and talks about ear syringing, it’s a little old now but worth a read.


Here at Bath Ear Care we are passionate about microsuction for removing wax from your ears. It’s much safer and less messy than syringing, which I’ve been doing for years, so I know all about the pros and cons of ear syringing. Being a practice nurse for over 20 years as I have means you get to understand the best methods for treatment and I’m so glad that microsuction is here and being adopted by practitioners throughout the UK.
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