How holiday swimming can affect your ears

Let me share with you How holiday swimming can affect your ears. I’ve had a quite a few ear wax removal appointments recently where the patient has been swimming on holiday, and felt their ears to be blocked when they get back home. The reason for this is that when we jump into or swim underwater the water enters ours ears and can sometimes push or move the wax further into the ear canal. Water can also stay in the ear canal, adding to the problem. If you know that you might have a substantial amount of ear wax, then I always advise it’s best not to jump into water. If you do find that there is water in your ear canal then the best thing to do is use a hairdryer (cold and not too powerful) to evaporate the water. Simply hold it around a foot or so from your ear and let the airflow into your ear. Here is a good article which goes into more depth about, How holiday swimming can affect your ears

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