Bath Ear Care’s first Christmas

Seasons greeting from Bath Ear Care microsuction ear wax removal. Its been a fab first year here at Bath Ear Care, we started all the way back in Feb 2019 one morning a week, we now do a day a week and run regular Saturday morning clinics.

It’s been great providing the service of removing ear wax in and around Bath and North Somerset. I’ve enjoyed providing home visits, it’s always great to get out into the community to help those that cannot get into a clinic. It always makes me very happy to see the relief and coin go from a patient that can hear properly again, because their ear wax has been removed. More often these days my patients are keen to see the wax that comes out, it’s great to see my patients so engaged with the procedure.

As a thank you to some of the individuals that refer on patients we have put together some Xmas boxes, see the pics. Lots of xmas chocolates to feast on this festive season. Hopefully they will enjoy. It was a lot of fun putting the boxes together. I must extend a shout out to Banana Print for their quick turnaround of stickers we used, I would recommend them for all your printing needs.

I hope you all have a lovely xmas with clean unblocked ears, so you can spend quality time with loved ones.

Bath Ear Care microsuction ear wax removal

Our new Google Bath Ear Care website went live recently, it details all the info from this site and more ear wax removal information for the local area – check it out here

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