Bath Ear Care and Coronavirus

Bath Ear Care and Coronavirus

We take every care to ensure we are adhereing to beng safe at all times, and that includes frequent hand washing, and using sterile equipment. Fairfield Park Surgery where my clinics are located have asked that anyone who thinks they might have the virus should not come into the surgery but instead call 111. This advice extends to my clinics as well of course because they take place at Fairfield Park Surgery.

What if I still need my ears done?

It looks as if we are heading towards a pandemic, here at Bath Ear Care we are committed to providing microsuction ear wax removal where ever and however possible. We regularily carry out home visits for patients and will continue to do so during this time. Just give us a call or email or text and we can arrange a suitable time for Emma to come to your home for easr wax removal.

What if Emma contracts the virus

In the event of EMma contracting the virus, she would as advised by PHE self isolate until virus free.

How can I keep updated

Follow advice from Public Health England. If you think you have the symptoms (Dry cough etc…) self isolate.

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Our new Google Bath Ear Care website went live recently, it details all the info from this site and more ear wax removal information for the local area – check it out here