Microsuction, the ear wax removal procedure

In this video I go through the basic steps for safe ear wax removal procedure and you can see me in action safely removing ear wax using a suction probe. The video shows me carrying out the procedure.

This patient in the video has a right blocked ear canal it is fully blocked with ear wax and I show how I go about removing the wax from his ear. I have already examined the patient’s ear, and was unable to visualise the tympanic membrane (the medical term for the ear drum). Its 100 percent blocked The ear wax is brown and the consistency is sticky but soft. The patient has oiled or two to three days. Oiling is simple, you can use olive oil, and you simply put a few drops day into your ears and this helps to moisten and loosen the ear wax, so it comes out much easier. Sometimes the ear wax will be stuck firmly to the side of the ear canal, and suction can be difficult in these cases, so oiling really helps make the procedure successful. I sell Earol spray which is great because rather than dropping oil into the ear, you can spray it in.

The loops

I use very high magnification loops, (x5 magnification to be exact), together with a strong light. These give me very good depth of field vision, which allows messy accurately where ear wax is, and to gauge where I put my suction probe.

I will always warn the patient that during the procedure it may make them cough. II encourage them to raise their hand if they feel they might cough and I can stop the procedure.

The procedure is typically not painful, however it can feel a little bit uncomfortable. it’s important the patient keeps their head still during the ear wax removal procedure.

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