The problem with ear buds

The problem with ear buds is that they can compact ear wax found in the ear canal. This means that ear wax removal is much harder. By putting an object (ear bud) into your ear, you can simply push the ear wax further into the ear canal, the ear bud will get some out but it’s not really a very effective method of removing wax from your ear. I always advise not to use them for this very reason. Lots of people instinctively use them after a shower or bath when the ear in wet inside, the problem is that suing them will push any ear wax further in, making a hard lump, which will need oiling and micro suction at a later date. Here’s an article from the Independent, about the problem with ear buds.

So what should you use instead?

In my ear wax clinic in Bath I always recommend that you use a hair dryer, yes a hair dryer! Put it on a cool heat and blow into the ear, this will dry your ear without causing any problems for your ear wax. If you feel there is something in your ear, or you want your ears cleared, then microsuction is currently the best method, I run a microsuction clinic in Bath, North Somerset. For more details see our website at

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