The equipment used for ear wax removal by microsuction

I’ve recently been asked a lot about the ear wax removal equipment I use, so I’ve made this video to show each of the implements I use and the room I generally work for ear wax removal. The main piece of equipment is my suction machine, it’s medical grade and allows me to safely extract wax from the ear, or foreign bodies that sometimes have made their way into the ear canal. My suction probes are equally as important, these are sterile probes I use to latch onto the wax and remove from the ear.

I have a specially made set of high magnification ‘loupes’ attached to my glasses with a strong light also attached leading to a battery pack in my pocket. These loupes are 5 times magnification and allow me to really see inside the ear, so I can pick up any abnormalities. In fact recently I have, and been able to refer patients into their doctors or ENT at the local hospital.

I do of course do home visits too, in this case I pack up the equipment into a suitcase on wheels, so I can perform the microsuction ear wax removal procedure in patients homes.


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